Have a look on my latest scripts and writings:

TITLE: Go West – Freiheit um jeden Preis
GENRE: Event-Movie (Pro7)
I wrote the treatment and developed the story of this TV-Event-Movie in cooperation with Daniel Mann and Marco Gilles (
Go to the IMDB-site of this film and get more info.


TITLE: The rider on the white horse – Der Schimmelreiter

GENRE: Drama / Fantasy
LOGLINE: Based on well-known motives of Theodor Storms novella, THE RIDER ON THE WHITE HORSE traces the story of dykemaster Hauke Haiens life.
We are in the 18th century, on the rough North German coast where Hauke Haien plans to build an indestructible dyke to protect his family and to lead them all into a better future. Obsessed by this ambition, his fate irrevocably connected with the dyke, Hauke Haien defies the laws of nature.

INFO: I wrote the adaption-script of the novella by Theodor Storm (a famous german author of the 19th century).
I received grants awarded for development of the script and project by Filmstiftung NRW and the FAA.
Please have a look at the first few pages of the script and feel the magic (PDF-DOWNLOAD (english)) ( PDF-Download (deutsch)).
At my work-site you’ll find the Moodboard-Clips of this project (category „film-shorts“).


TITLE: Grindland – Das Geheimnis der gestrandeten Wale
GENRE: Drama / Thriller

The german word „Grind“ means the scab on a wound, consisting of coagulated blood, wound secretion and tissue fluid.
LOGLINE: Thirty-three-year-old marine biologist Anja Haake gets back to her birthplace, the island Grindland, after 25 years. She wants to examine the stranding of four humpback whales. In the course of her work, she gets on to a terrible secret.

INFO: I wrote the script for this thriller (TV or cinema), the project is developing. The script was funded by the Filmstiftung NRW.
Here you can read the first pages of the script and get closer to the secret (PDF Download (deutsch)).


Further script-developments:

TITLE: Ghostman – Der Geistermann
GENRE: Drama / Fantasy-Feature-Film
LOGLINE: A child faces death and fights against evil ghosts in the german 17th century.
With the help of the mysterious Ghostman an old ghost hunter and a troop of good ghosts the young boy tries to fight against evil.
Have a look at the first moodboard by Gunter Grossholz, a german storyboard artist and painter (PDF Download).


TITLE: The other land – Das andere Land
GENRE: Drama / Feature-film
LOGLINE: An epic story from 1930 to 2015 in Europe. It’s a story about war and its eeriness.
A story about a WWII-childhood and the daemons coming long after the end of the WWII.
The WWII is present in the modern Europe.


TITLE: Biopolis
GENRE: Drama / Sci-Fi-Fantasy-Epos
LOGLINE : This script, written with my Co-Author Axel Melzener, is based on my short BIOPOLIS.
Have a look at the amazing moods by Gunter Grossholz, a german storyboardartist and painter (PDF Download).